Mis Hermanos Dominicanos (12/5/13)

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Our Sunday Best
Our Sunday Best

Hola everyone! Again, I only have a short time so it’s going to have to be fast. I don’t even get to read my emails until the 45 minutes they give me on P-Day!

It’s been a week of change here at the CCM, two groups of missionaries< the North Americans that got here before us and the Spanish speakers that came the same day we did, left on Tuesday. It’s so cool and exciting to see them go out. Just a few more weeks for me! I’m going to miss them though. I only knew them for a few days but they became really good friends, especially the Spanish speakers, my hermanos dominicanos (although I am neither Dominican nor serving in the Dominican Republic, but that’s what they called me!) They had some really strong testimonies, there was one Elder from Puerto Rico who gave me the names of his family, he said they aren’t members but I need to find them and teach them. I think that would just be the coolest thing.

Elder Abankie and I have now got a new room on the fourth floor, the nice floor. It has two desks and a paper towel dispenser, we’re living in paradise. The transition also means that I’m the new piano player. Man I wish I would have learned some more hymns at home!

We just got two new groups of missionaries, one from Haiti who speak french and the other from North America. I’ve only met a few, but it’s nice. at least we now have more than 20 elders and sisters, it’s been kind of lonely these past couple of days.

So it turns out I did have a traditional thanksgiving: turkey, stuffing, the whole deal. It was really nice of the cooks. They even put out fancy tablecloths and napkins. It was a nice touch of home but at the same time it made me all the more homesick. You’ll never believe what happened that night though, we were watching a Thanksgiving devotional from Provo, and I saw Halley!!! Out of the thousands of missionaries there, on the first sweep of the camera! I consider it one of the tender mercies of the Lord, he knew how I was feeling, and that if I just saw my sister, everything would be alright.

I’ve really come to love this MTC and the people in it. the food also. For breakfast its usually a cmbination of eggs, bacon, toast, pancakes, french toast, and cereal. luch always has rice and some kindof meat and soup, and then dinner varies from tacos to mystery soup. I think they’re trying to fatten us up, I forget what it’s like to feel hungry.

My companion is actually really sick at the moment, sore throat, headache, fever. he threw up earlier today. As a result, we’ve both been in our room for the good part of yesterday and all of today. Him sleeping, and me studying. I actually have enjoyed it, I’ve gotten so much done and so much read…I just hope I don’t get sick.

The Spanish is coming along muy rapido, I usually memorize 15-30 words a day along with material from class. A lot of the work here is personal though. You can either get a lot out of your study and diligence, or you can leave the CCM knowing how to introduce yourself and bear a testimony. I’m here to work, it’s just frustrating when I see others not trying very hard.

One treat here at the CCM is the devotionals we get to watch. We recently saw one from President Bednar, it was soo good. did you know he’s funny?

All in all, the things I’ve heard, the things I’ve been taught, and the things I’ve studied continue to make me want to do my best and leave nothing behind. I really like John 6:28-29; God has promised us many many amazing things, but the only way those will come to pass is if we believe Him. And a big part of believing Him is fulfilling our part of the bargain.

Love you all, and I hope all is going well with you!

-Elder Jacob

Our Study Spot
Our Study Spot
The Spanish speakers
The Spanish speakers

PS you know how I said to send letters? Well the president’s wife said that the mail here is really infrequent and random. So I havent gotten any, and I only know of one other Elder that has. Puerto Rico’s mail service will be much better I’m sure.


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