Goodbye DR (12/26/13)

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This week has been good, really good. We had the opportunity last Friday to go out in the Campo on splits with the other missionaries. I was paired up with two district leaders, really great guys. My Spanish was surprisingly not too shabby. I was able to talk with my comps the whole time and understand them. I understood the lesson we taught to a lady and even taught the part about the Great Apostasy. I still have a lot of work to do though, everything before and after the lesson went right over my head. Soooo fast. It was really great to watch those guys teach though. They both had more than a year and a half, one guy was almost done. They really knew what they were doing, not only did they teach simply and clearly, they taught with love. The spirit was very strong. It makes me excited to get out and start teaching. This time next week I’ll be sitting somewhere in Puerto Rico! I just hope that I get a good companion, somebody to challenge me.

Our District has gotten really close here; it feels like a big family. Christmas was especially nice; they really made us feel loved. Really nice food, gifts from the senior missionaries and lots and lots of singing. And we got to hear three wonderful devotionals; I think those are honestly my favorite part about the CCM, getting to hear from general authorities of our church. There’s so much you can learn.

My second favorite part would have to be the temple. We are literally right next to it, within the same gates. Every P-day we get to go through the Temple. I think I’m going to miss that part of my week these next two years.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and a happy new year! Set some goals, make them count. Oh and as a Christmas present to me go watch “Oh come Emanuel” by the Piano Guys. Christmas hasn’t been the same without the radio and trees and lights and family, but the real message of Christmas is still here, if not stronger.
Para siempre Dios este con ustedes,

Elder Jacob

My District with the Christmas lights behind us at a park in DR
My District with the Christmas lights behind us at a park in DR

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