Hola! (12/12/13)

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Hola everyone!

I honestly can’t believe it’s Thursday again, time is passing so fast here it’s crazy. The first three days or so seemed to crawl by but now it’s just flying!
I think I told you this last week, but we have some new Haitian elders here. They are so, so cool. They speak French, so I feel back at square one with the language barrier. At least some of them can speak a little English.

I really enjoy my new piano calling. Right as I started playing for the CCM, the pedal got fixed! Coincidence? I think not.

My companion is all better, and so far I’ve stayed perfectly healthy (knock on wood).

We teach an elderly couple every Monday night for family night, and this Monday they said they could really tell that our Spanish had improved. It was nice to hear. It’s hard for me to tell how much I’ve gotten better.

This past week we’ve had a couple of pretty exciting adventures. We got to go to the store! This included walking a mile or so through the streets. The traffic here is crazy, people honk like non-stop. Motorcycles and scooters zip in between cars and along the shoulder. I would not want to drive here. Too scary. The store was like a big, Dominican Walmart. I got a pretty sweet tie, some bleach, a notebook and an apple (it was super mushy and gross, I miss our apple trees).

We also went to the University and practiced contacting, super scary but after the first two it wasn’t so bad. I can only imagine what we sound like to the people we’re trying to teach. You just have to hope they don’t ask you anything really hard, because they talk really really fast. We stopped two men walking down the street, only to find out they were professors at the University, yikes. They asked a lot of questions. Most of which we didn’t really understand. He has a Book of Mormon and has read it. Has been to Jerusalem and he said something about the Priesthood. I’m not sure, hopefully our message made a good impression on him. We did end up talking to a guy who was actually really receptive. We talked for quite a while. He is studying English, and Mormonism, imagine that! We gave him a Book of Mormon, bore testimony about the Restoration, asked him to read it and pray. He said he will and that he really admires our church because of the fact that we try to share our message with other people. It’s not our message though, it’s God’s.

Reading Halley’s emails I’m so jealous at the number of apostles she gets to listen to. But we’re not too bad off here; so far we’ve had two members from the seventy visit. The last one, Brother Anderson was really really good. A lot of talk about change, developing both skills and attributes.

Every day we have an hour of physical activity, very much needed if you ask me. Whenever I’m frustrated with this or that, I always know that Ultimate Frisbee will make it all better. Some play basketball or volleyball or foosball, but when I can, it’s Frisbee for me. We have a teacher here, Hermano Nunez that has a Frisbee and we play almost every day. The only grass we have is right in front of the temple though, which doesn’t seem quite right, so we play in a parking lot. It works okay; just don’t dive for the Frisbee or you get pretty scraped up. Elder Mortenson found that out the hard way. Ha-ha, he’s so crazy.

My mind is telling my it’s Christmas time but my heart is telling me something else. Christmas isn’t supposed to be hot and sunny. I do my best to sing and play Christmas songs as much as I can to try to bring the Christmas spirit. Elder Mortenson’s novia sent him a cute little Christmas tree; I think I was more excited than him to see that thing!

All and all it’s been a good week, threeish more to go!

Love you all!

Elder Jacobo

P.S. I havn’t gotten any letters yet. One of the teachers said that it usually takes up to two weeks if all goes well. We’ll see!


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