Pan Y Juevos (1/13/14)

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For lack of a better title, I put my breakfast this morning, so good. We go to a bakery most nights with the ward mission leader and get fresh bread. Not quite as good as having it delivered to your door every morning, like in Las Palmas, Dad, but I’ll take it.

Puerto Rico is treating me pretty good. My companion and I currently have two investigators that we’re working with, one with which we set a baptism date! Like I said before though, a lot of the work here is with the less active members.

Speaking of work, my companion is actually kind of lazy. Idk if it’s that he’s been in the same area for too long or I’m just fresh out of the MTC with a bunch of energy, but our work ethic is a bit different. Like contacting for example, I was taught that you have to talk to every person you see in order to find those who are ready to hear the gospel. But as we would walk, it would seem as if Elder Arteaga would avoid chances for conversation. But it has helped me learn something… After being frustrated with the situation I was in, I thought of the scripture in 2nd Nephi, chapter 2 which says that we are made to act, not to be acted upon. So yesterday, regardless of my poor Spanish, I decided to talk with every person we saw. And we actually met some really nice people, some of which spoke English! The Lord has said, open your mouth and it will be filled, but I think that I’ve been saying in response, just wait until I can understand everything they say, and then I’ll open my mouth and you can fill it. But that’s not how it works.
My Spanish as actually improved a lot. It’s cool to visit with members or investigators multiple times. The first time with one of our investigators I honestly understood close to nothing. The second a bit more and this last time I was able to follow the conversation almost the whole visit. Poco de poco.

We helped a member of the bishopric mix and pour some concrete on his roof, to guide the water to the downspouts (and no we weren’t pouring concrete on his shingles, the houses are way different here, Google it.) After so much struggling to understand Spanish, it was nice to do something I knew how to do. Call me crazy, but I’m glad we got to haul concrete bags onto his roof and mix and pour them, it felt good.

We had an earthquake last night. Or at least that’s what I’ve heard, my companion and I slept right through it. I guess it was a pretty big one too, 6.5. But nothing in our apartment was fallen over or anything. And thank goodness it wasn’t followed by a tsunami, being on an island now, that’s kind of a new threat for me.

I hope everything is going well back at home. Enjoy the rain (;
Elder Jacob



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