Puerto Rico, Isla De Encanto (1/7/14)

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You will not believe how hard it is to find salsa in a Puerto Rican Walmart. Regular salsa that is; they have salsa de ketchu, salsa de bbq, salsa de spagetti, but only one type of salsa that we know at the end of an isle with some tortilla chips.

Puerto Rico is good! Hot and sweaty, but good. The flight and everything went well, we went to the mission home first and had orientation and interviews with the president. I like him, he’s different the  I thought he would be from the picture, but I think I’m going to like him.

I’m in an area called Ponce 4. Our district consists of me and my comp and two other missionaries. Our ward is pretty small too, at least compared to Kingston. I guess that’s pretty normal here though. I heard a statistic that there are something like 10000 members in PR but only 3000 active. So i guess a lot of our work is going to be with less active or inactive members. 70% inactive, yikes. I heard PR and Switzerland are the two lowest missions for member activity. Looks like we have a lot of work to do.
Our apartment is nice, the bathroom and the sink in our kitchen were kind of gross but i fixed that this morning with some bleach powder and elbow grease, you would be proud mom. Every night we have to spray the room with Raid before we go to bed to kill the mosquitoes, but they’re not super bad. I found my first cockroach!! So gross, it was on its back in the corner flailing its long hairy nasty legs in the air. But I was brave and squished it with a shoe and flushed it down the toilet. I just hope they stay out of my bed… We also have little lizards crawling around everywhere. Those things are cool.
As for the Spanish.  It’s tough. My first day I understood casi nada. Now I’m able to pick out words and kind of follow the conversation, but not exactly and I can’t really contribute. It is amazing how much my Spanish has grown in just a week though, we had two different lessons with the same investigator and the difference of understanding with the second one was pretty noticeable. I guess being around Spanish the dia entera will do that to you.

Our p-day is actually on Monday. We’re just taking ours today because yesterday was a holiday for the three wise men. Did you know that was even celebrated? It was good though, we had a BBQ with the mission leader in our ward. We were using a cheap little BBQ that he bought and we assembled and no one really knew how to BBQ, but it turned out good. The meat tasted like lighter fluid but the taste left my throat after a few hours.

Oh, and there was a change my first day here. This mission now is a walking  only mission. No bikes no cars. Kind of weird how that happened right when I got here. It was a change from the president over the Caribbean area. With our mission struggling so much it had to be for a reason. It definitely gives us more opportunity to contact while walking.

My Address here is:  Devon Jacob

Urb. Constancia

3259 Calle lafayette

Apt. 2

Ponce, Puerto Rico


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