Crab, Crap. Tomayto, Tomahto

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It is so funny at times to hear the Spanish speakers try to speak English with their Spanish accents. Last night we were at dinner with some recent members and were talking about different types of food. She was explaining the word “crab” but the way she said it sounded more like “crap”. I tried my best to keep a straight face. It always makes me feel a little better about my poor Spanish.

I saw two iguanas this week, one live, one dead. My companion thinks they’re gross, but they’re pretty chevere if you ask me.

I realized I haven’t told you much about my area. For the most part, the houses are pretty small, one story. They all live in cages here. I guess a lock on the front door isn’t good enough, they all have like a metal gate before their front porch that reaches floor to ceiling. And the window washing business would sure be a bust here; all of the windows are barred. And a lot of the time there isn’t even glass, just shutter things that can close or open. So not much door knocking around here. Our contacts are with people that we meet in the street or who we see in their garage or something.

While the houses are not super nice, the cars are bien chevere. It’s so strange. You’ll see a shiny new corvette parked next to a beater car with one tire flat and one tire missing, in front of a small house with a crappy paint job. Priorities are a little different in Puerto Rico I guess.
As for different food, a member gave us some carambolas (star fruit) which are good, I can’t explain it though, I don’t think we have any fruit quite like it. A mix between a cucumber and an orange. Kind of.  Ha-ha. We also had domplinas which are bien rico. Like elephant ears kind of, we had them for breakfast with ham. They also have what they call pasteles here, but they’re not cakes. They look like a burrito, but are honestly kind of strange. My comp says they grow on you.
Idk if I said this, but my comp is de Bolivia. His English is actually really good though, which is nice. It seems like Puerto Rico mission is a good mix of Americans and Latinos. I’m the only American in my district of four but in the other Ponce ward there are two.
It’s so funny, my comp and one of the other guys in my district are going home pretty soon and are a bit worried about their weight. I think it was the Christmas Skype calls that did it, when their families said “wow, you gained weight.”  They’ve both signed up for a program of dietary supplements at a place called Herbal Life. Personally, I hesitate to trust places like that, I don’t think there’s a better substitute to healthy eating and exercise, but they both ate it up. It reminded me of the story of the sirens. When the sailors get drawn in by the beautiful women and their music, only to get eaten up. Idk, maybe I’m just too skeptical.

We finished the concrete on the Rosa’s roof this Saturday. 60 bags for the whole day… which if I did my math right is 3600 pounds. Nbd.

I had my first talk in sacrament meeting yesterday. Look at that Spencer, we were connected and we didn’t even know it! I think it went well, I was honestly pretty nervous though.

Last Monday we gave a family home evening lesson to a member family. Idk if you remember mom and dad, but I used one we had when I was little. We stretched a sting across the room with a knot in the middle. We asked them to imagine that it extends forever in both directions, with the knot representing our time on earth. Idk why, but that lesson really made me think when I was little. I remember thinking, “Man, if our time here is really that short, I’d better do it right or I am going to have forever to think about it.”

Sorry about the lack of pictures. With holidays seeming to be every Monday since I’ve gotten here, the library has been closed. The ward mission leader has been nice enough to let us use his tablets.

Love you all, hasta lunes!
Elder Jacob


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