Eagle Scout (2/3/14)

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A shout out to Jameson Machen this week for earning his Eagle Scout! What an accomplishment, wish I could’ve been there. And Happy Birthday!!

Jaymeson Machen
Jaymeson Machen

This week has been a good one, I don’t know what changed but I just felt more in the groove, with my companion, with my Spanish, with my studies. We had interviews with the President on Monday which was a really good start to the week. In the interviews he leaves it open to us to ask any questions we have, about anything. Now that I know that I’ve started to make a list for the next interview, I think I already have too many.

The President gave each of us new missionaries a challenge to read the Book of Mormon in 2 months, highlighting every name or title of Christ. It’s really neat to read the book of Mormon now as a missionary. So much of what I’m searching for isn’t for me, it’s different. I was reading the preachings of Alma to the saints who had begun to fall away yesterday. What a powerful missionary.

So, some new foods this week. Tostones and pana are both pretty common and both really good, especially with rice and beans. Last night we had pata, which was honestly the grossest thing I’ve had in a while. Pata is pig’s feet. I choked one of them down and gave the other to my companion, who then went back for seconds. I guess it’s just my gringo taste buds, I’m not used to this stuff. In one of the neighborhoods that we contact there’s a giant mango tree that hangs out over the street. Tons of mangos and a bunch wasting away on the ground. We decided to help with the mess a bit and knocked a few out of the tree and took them home, sooo good.

Yeah Dad, with the gates we can’t knock on doors to contact. So the people we contact are people that are in the street or in their yard or whatever. Some days we go downtown to a plaza, we’ve had a few good conversations with people there, on park benches and whatnot. When you do want to contact someone in their house when you arrive for a cita or whatever, you just yell “Buenas tardes, con permiso!”

We have horses here too, probably not as many as in Halley’s area. A guy rode by on one the other day as we were walking along the highway. You have to watch out for goats too. We were driving with the Ward mission leader down the freeway and had to stop because of 7 or 8 goats crossing, and then we drove past a KFC. Puerto Rico is definitely a mix.

Spencer, I found your next project with Papa. A bunch of people here have motorized bicycles. They actually go really fast, and are obnoxiously loud. But kind of cool. I saw one guy who had supped his up to look like a chopper, low seat high handlebars and everything.

Dad, I don’t think the lizards here a geckos, something’s different. I took some pictures but forgot to bring my camera to the Library.

Oh and my talk last week was on yielding to the enticing of the Holy Spirit. I talked for 8 minutes which was actually pretty surprising.

I’m the official choir pianist here! We’re going to perform this Sunday. I think I’ve been a little spoiled with the talent in the Kingston Ward. A lot of people here don’t really know what they’re doing. They break into parts but then all sing the melody for example. But it’s good, I like it.

A lot of people here speak at least a little bit of English, some of them a lot. A lot of people have lived in New York or Florida. I feel like I’m cheating or something when I read Halley’s letters.

Oh and way to go Seahawks!

Hasta luego,

Elder Jacob



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