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We were so close this morning in our apartment inspection. 98 points out of 100! The only things were the cabinets that had some finger prints on them and the inside of the freezer which had some crumbs frozen in the bottom. He’s kind of a stickler if you ask me, but we each got a snickers bar so I’m not complaining. It’s so neat to talk to the older missionary couples, they are so awesome. There are so many people that do so many things in order for this work to move forward.

We had transfers this week but nobody in our district changed. Or at least not originally. Yesterday, a day after transfer announcements our two other elders in our district were taken to San Juan. One of them had been a little unfocused with the girls. Nothing serious, but he wasn’t showing them the respect they deserve and he definitely wasn’t acting like a missionary. It really comes down to the question of why are you here. We have been set apart, as official representatives of our church, to teach and share the truth. And as such, all of our time is devoted to this work. But if you don’t have the vision and understand the WHY, I can imagine it can be pretty hard to follow a bunch of rules. So we’re waiting to see who the new missionaries will be. I’m glad that I stayed. This ward is so nice and friendly, I’m looking forward to these next six weeks.

I tried some new fruit this week. The first is called Tamarindo, it grows on a tree and has a shell like a peanut. but inside are red, sweet/sour fruit covered pits. We also tried cactus fruit, and we’ve both concluded that it is way not worth the effort. After peeling off the outside of the fruit I had little thorn/hair things in almost every finger, and I found one in my lip the next morning.

It’s crazy how small of a world it is. We contacted a lady who had lived in Bremerton, and visited with an Less Active who had lived in Tacoma.

I’m learning that you have to watch out for the ants here. If you leave anything sweet out, you end up with an army of ants. I forgot the other day to close my bag of MMs and found it crawling with ants. Sadly, I saw the ants after I had eaten a few handfuls. A few were crawling on my hand and I imagine there were a few in my mouth too. mmm protein.

Our Choir performed yesterday! It was actually pretty good. We sang “Paz, calmense” Someone told me it exists in English too but I’d never heard of it.

I also learned how to play Dominoes this week. It’s kind of a big deal here in Puerto Rico and The DR. It was pretty fun, although there’s a lot of strategy that I didn’t follow. I’m definitely going to look into buying a Domino table when I get home.

Second transfer, here we go!!

-Elder Jacob


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