It’s Hot (2/24)

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Buenos, queridos familia y amigos,

This week has been a contacting week. It’s actually interesting when we talk to people to see how many people already have met with missionaries or at least know a little bit about the church. We talked to a guy the other day who is actually meeting with the missionaries every Saturday with his daughter in a different area.

elder and elder lara
Elder Villagran and Elder Lara

I worked with Elder Lara a little bit this week, we went contacting together. It was so great to see how he does things; he really has a passion for this work, and a love for the people. He goes home in two weeks so I’m going to try to squeeze out of him every piece of advice and insight to doctrine he has.

My buddies from the CCM
My buddies from the CCM

We had a zone conference this Wednesday, it was so so great. I was a little bit nervous that I wouldn’t understand because it was all in Spanish of course, but surprisingly, I understood almost everything that was said. I’ve never focused on Spanish for 6 hours straight like that. I really feel like I had help from the Lord that day. Like I’ve learned, we receive spiritual gifts when we are worthy, we are asking for them, and there’s a need, and I think all three of those came into play on Wednesday.

Preach my Gospel
Preach my Gospel

I really like our president. He gave us a lot of insight on the fall of Adam and Eve, baptism, and the sacrament and what role they each specifically have. When I listen to lessons like that I realize how much there still is for me to learn and understand in this gospel, it’s really a lifelong quest. He said something I like, he quoted the verse in D&C 4 that says if you have desires to serve, you are called to the work. And then flipped it around. He said, if you don’t have desires to be here, you are not called to be here, and you can go home. There are so many missionaries waiting to fill your spot. It’s really silly I think to be here and not take advantage of your time and really make it worthwhile.


I finished my reading of the Book of Mormon this week. There is so much in that book. I was talking to Elder Lara about it this week. You can read it as an obligation or a chore, and get very little out of it. Or you can really search and study its pages. And If found when I do that it turns into such a cool book. Something that can really be learned from and applied to your life.

We taught a man yesterday who I contacted on the street. We both felt like the lesson went really well. He started by saying he believes in God but he doesn’t like religion, because there is so much conflict and hypocrisy. It was so cool to be able to say, yes you’re exactly right, let us show you why that is, and why and how God has restored the fullness of his gospel on the earth again.

There are so many questions in this life, but at the same time so many answers in this gospel.

Sundays are going to be the death of me. This is the second week we’ve had dinner at two different homes, and the servings are so big! And if you say you’re full or don’t want to eat they insist and insist and insist. I need to remember, small lunches on Sundays.

-Elder Jacob

My area
Puerto Rico Lizard
Puerto Rico Lizard



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