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Hola todos!

I’ve been working on my pronunciation of that word actually, my companion told me I had been saying it like toros (bulls). no quiero accento de gringo.

We got a new missionary in our district this week who is now our district leader. His name is elder Lara, from Mexico/Texas. His English is really good, I like him a lot. He likes to talk about church doctrine, which I love. We’ve had some good conversations. His knowledge of the scriptures is impressive; I hope people will be able to say the same about me at the end of my two years. He gave me a 17 page excerpt from the teachings of joseph fielding smith to read, it was like Christmas.

At the start of this new transfer we’ve really made an effort to contact this week, and just the little bit we’ve done has paid off. We taught the restoration to a man in the downtown plaza (in ENGLISH) and scheduled another app for this week. We also met a very nice man while he was watering his lawn and we’re going to meet with him and his wife and maybe even one of his friends this Sunday.

we helped a lady remove a mirror that was stuck to her wall this week. After sawing between the wall and mirror forevvver with steel fishing line, the mirror actually broke in half. I really hope the 50 years or something of bad luck that comes from that is somehow canceled out by the fact that I’m serving a mission.

I taught my first English class this week, to the other missionaries and one less active member. I tried to work out the pronunciations of English vowels and their combinations for them, and came to conclude that English sucks.

That’s great that Santi friended you on Facebook mom, that family is so great. She has a son serving in Mexico. She told us it’s hard to have him away, and she hopes that he’s found a “family” where he’s serving. And because of this, she tries to give the missionaries serving here a family in Puerto Rico, which she has. She even invited us over for a valentine’s dinner and everything.

It seemed especially hot this week. I have the same problem as Halley, people comment on my red face and tell me about sunscreen, but they don’t understand, I’m just hot.

Sorry about no pictures this week, the library his closed for the holiday.

Hasta la semana que viene,

Elder Jacob


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