Exodus of the ants (3/31)

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Last night we found literally thousands of ants in our shower. THOUSANDS. So crazy….and scary. We think that the entire colony had been living in our wall and then decided to move out and find a new home last night. They were just spilling out of our shower faucet handle. And a bunch of them were carrying little white things. The babies we presume. But they’re dead now, due to some quick thinking and RAID.

Elder Portillo
Elder Portillo

New companion, new district, and new position. I’m currently serving as District leader. Our district consists of me and my companion, Elder Portillo, and two hermanas, Hermana Burgess from Utah and Hermana Ramos from Mexico (not Guadalajara). I am very excited to work with this district for these next six weeks. From just what I’ve seen from the hermanas and my companion, I feel like this area is really going to grow, and I’m going to learn a lot. They are so great.

My companion is from Honduras, but is pretty much fluent in English as well. He has 9 months in the mission, super skinny, and looks exactly like lieutenant Dan from “Forest Gump,” or at least in my opinion. We’ve gotten along really well this past week. He is a great teacher, very confident in his actions and words. Like I said, I think I’m going to learn a lot.

pday marina pday pday2 pday3 visit to the coast visit to the coast2

The pictures are from last Monday. We went to the beach. It was really great to see the beach and the water finally. No, I didn’t go swimming due to the missionary guidelines, but I did feel the water. So Warm! Puerto Rico, I have to come back and visit you some day.

I’m really excited for the broadcast of the church’s General Conference this weekend. More so than before, I’m not sure why. As a missionary, trying to teach these restored truths, I’m really looking forward to what the Lord’s Prophet and Apostles have to say this weekend.

I love getting letters from home, and I love to hear how you guys are doing, thank you so much for all of the support (:

Elder Jacob

the force2

Missionaries have the Force.
Missionaries have the Force.

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