Good, Busy, Fast. (4/28)

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Exchanges with Elder Van Derventer.
Exchanges with Elder Van Derventer.

This week has been good, very busy and very fast. And very hot, I’m afraid summer is starting here. People tell me it gets up to like 110 without and bit of breeze.

We have a few really good investigators, and a lot of potentials from our contacting this week.
I talked a little bit about Raynaldo last week. Like I said, he’s very smart and wants to learn, but he hasn’t been available to meet with us this week, or come to church on Sunday, so we’re a little bit unsure. we hope it’s just been bad timing when we stopped by this week.

We’re also teaching a very nice old couple in the same neighborhood. they live in very humble circumstances but are so nice and receptive. They both need glasses but neither have a pair with the correct persciption, so they share two are three pairs between them, one with a cracked lense and the other with a home-made earpeice. to read small print, she uses a magnifying glass headband thing that looks like a welder’s mask. Her husband is wheelchair bound with limited movement in his neck and legs. He weighs close to 300 pounds and all he has is his wife, who is very skinny, to help him up in the mornings. Everything she does is to help him and take care of him, and yet she doesn’t seem stressed or frusturated. They are both very receptive, but we have an obvious problem seeing as he cannot get to church. To go to medical appointments they use an ambulance with an electric lift.

We taught a man this week named Ramon who was contacted by the sister missionaries. He had been meeting with the missionaries some years back and had a baptism date and everything, but his wife got very sick and died right before. The missionaries kept meeting with him but they eventually lost contact. It’s interesting, he said that something called his attention about Sister Burgess, that she reminded him of his wife. So he let them in and we got to meet with him. It’s interesting how the Lord works. He told us he wants to be baptized, but that he has trouble being around large groups of people, he has panic attacks. But we are looking forward to teaching him and helping him work towards that goal.

We also found a family just yesterday who had been meeting with the missioaries awhile back, they had a picture and everything. He seems hesitant, but I can understand that, especially if he doesn’t understand everything about this church. He told us that he cant give us a specific time to stop by, but if there was a day of the week with everyone there it would be Saturday, and if there was an hour better than the others it would be 2.. So we’re going to pass by Saturday at 2.

I’m jealous at Halley’s numbers! We usually have less than 10 lessons taught is a week. But we do see some potential with some of the people we’ve met.

This is the last week of the transfer, so by next Monday I’ll know if there are any changes. I’m trying not to get my hopes up one way or the other, but I’m getting pretty attatched to this area and the people we have here.

Nos Vemos,

Elder Jacob

Gotta love a super cute puppy
Gotta love a super cute puppy

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