Puerto Rican Pelicans (3/3)

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Hola Todos!

Devon and a wall in ponce

Our Choir is beginning a new song this week, Grand eres tu. And we’re actually splitting it into parts! There’s a lady there who knows what she’s doing so between me and her, we’re going to get it. I’m also the unofficial pianist for the primary as of yesterday, whoo!

We received a contact this week. As we were walking this lady contacted us, and even told us where she lived “in case we wanted to stop by sometime.” We met with her once this week and gave her a BOM and gave a brief background of the restoration. Like you said dad, people are being prepared. Since I’ve been in the mission my mindset has changed. We’re not necessarily trying to teach every person, we’re here to find those who are ready, who have been prepared by God to receive the truth. We talked to her neighbor too. A really sweet lady who suffered from brain cancer. We’re going to clean up her yard tomorrow as a district.

CCM Buddies
CCM Buddies

Yesterday I accompanied Elder Lara to an island wide ward leadership meeting. I got to see some of my buddies from the CCM which made me so happy! I was especially excited to see Elder Hicken. I miss that guy.

A guy I met from Washington. Super cool. He's a runner and I guess we ran against each other at State.
A guy I met from Washington. Super cool. He’s a runner and I guess we ran against each other at State.

As we were singing the closing song “Called to Serve”, I thought of the time when Dad and two other guys came into Primary when I was really young and sang “Called to Serve” in Spanish. I remember thinking how cool that was. Last night, having that memory tie into what I am doing in as a missionary right now was so personal and special I can’t explain it. I share that for two reasons. One, because it really showed me that this is where I’m meant to be right now. I feel like a lot of what I’ve learned and experienced has led me to this point, and now it’s time to do some good. And two, whichever primary leader organized that presentation probably couldn’t have imagined the impact it would have on a boy sitting on the front, right row in 12 years or so.

Something I’ve focused on recently is really seeking for direction in my day, and following it. Because like you said Papa, we don’t do the planning, we just get to be a part of it.

I’m hemming my pants today mom, thanks for those instructions! President says that a man shouldn’t know how to sew, but that’s okay, he can continue on in his sexist, limited life. He also said pink ties aren’t for men, but I really think they bring out my eyes.


Elder Jacob

Elder villagran and elder lara, accordingly2

Elder villagran and elder lara, accordingly
Elder Villagran and Elder Lara, accordingly


Pone sunset
Pone sunset


Elder Arteaga
Elder Arteaga



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