Saludos todos! (3/17)

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Elder Cadogan. I think he looks like Jason Gassaway.
Elder Cadogan. I think he looks like Jason Gassaway.

Elder Lara went home this week and is currently enjoying his bed and his food and FB, I am sure. And family of course. Elder Villagran moved to a different area, leaving us two the only Elders in Ponce 4. We’re technically our own district. We’re waiting until the end of this week for transfers to see what pasara.

 Elder Villagran
Elder Villagran

In a training meeting with president I had a mini interview with him, and he told me every new Elder will get a new companion after their 12 weeks. This transfer! To tell the truth, I was pretty happy to hear that. We’ll see this Saturday!

I realized I have talked very little about our actual investigators and other people that we meet with. You guys only know the boring stuff!!

Jose Matos is a man in his 60’s. He was baptized by the Jehovah Witnesses but is not attending any church right know. We’ve been meeting with him weekly since I’ve gotten here, and even before that I think. It’s difficult. He has such strong faith, but I don’t think he understands, or wants to understand the concept of the restoration. I feel at times that he sees our weekly meetings as nice conversations and nothing more. The gravity of what we talk about is lost. But that can change for sure.

Leonidas is an investigator that had received most of the discussions before I got here. But has never attended church, and therefore cannot fulfill her goal to be baptized. But her life has been busy lately. Last week she had an eye operation. Two days before her operation we stopped by to offer help and say hi. She was crying when we arrived, super worried about the operation. After talking we had another appointment we had to get to but I felt prompted to offer a blessing of comfort, which she quickly accepted. She was so grateful to us afterwards. It felt like one of those moments when we were in the right spot at the right time and did the right thing.

I just got told our hour at the library is up!! I thought we had 2 :(


I love you all and I’ll write again next week.

Elder Jacob

View from other elders' apartment
View from other elders’ apartment

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