Tu sabe que eres guapo?

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The park where we run. Big Catholic church and school across the street.
The park where we run. Big Catholic church and school across the street.

Tu sabe que eres guapo? That’s what a lady told me this week, like two times. She’s old and we think she might have Alzheimer’s, but it made my day so I thought I’d share it.

Transfers!! I’m staying in Ponce 4, same address and everything, but I’m receiving a new companion. His name is Elder Portillo, but that’s as much as I know. Fat, skinny, tall, short..I’ll find out tomorrow I guess. We’re also receiving two sister missionaries to fill the gap from Elder Lara and Villagran. I’m excited for the change, but super nervous at the same time. I am now the only Elder in Ponce 4 who knows the area and people. The planning with members and investigators and everything is kind of up to me now, at least for the first 2 weeks or so. I hope my compa knows what he’s doing and his helpful.

I got a workout from Marvin Robles last Monday that absolutely killed me. After the first time I was too sore to bend over and tie my shoes, and the second time I went so hard I threw up afterwards. I’m not used to these kind of workouts anymore haha.

We currently have 8 investigators, but 0 progressing. The lady, who I gave the blessing to, Leonidas, had a friend at her house when we visited this week. This lady has a son who is a member and lives in Texas. I was thinking it’s just like Papa Raines. I’m teaching somebody’s grandma, and some other missionaries are teaching my grandpa, how cool is that?!

We are also teaching a younger couple, in their 30’s, who are super nice. We’ve only taught them once though. They weren’t there when we stopped by these past two Sundays which makes me a little bit worried. But idk, he’s a busy guy.

We visited with Migdalea again this week, the lady who contacted us, and her neighbor, Lisett. They are both super sweet. It’s hard to find a time to visit with Migdalea because she’s always off visiting people and taking care of them. She told us there are too many people that say they live what Christ taught but don’t actually do anything. She is definitely living it.

The ward here seems like they’re getting more excited about missionary work. We found two guys out on the street at 8:00 one night, visiting less active families. And tonight we’re going to teach a Family Home Evening lesson to the neighbors of a member family.

The Lord is hastening His work! I think we can all feel that.

Much love,

Elder Jacob

Goodbye Elder Arteaga
Goodbye Elder Arteaga

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