New Mission President (5/5)

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Pres. and Sister Smartt and Devon
Pres. and Sister Smartt and Devon

We’ve changed our email location from the library to the university. Everybody looks at us super weird with our missionary clothes, but there’s no time limit and the computers are faster. It makes me think of all of my friends studying at school though, miss you guys!

We had transfers this week, but nothing changed in our companionship. Sister Ramos is leaving for the island of Saint Thomas though, and is going to speak English. She’s super nervous but she’s dedicated and smart; she’ll learn fast. We’ve heard that her replacement, Sister Castenada has a broken foot or leg or something, so that should be interesting.

I am looking forward to this transfer with some big hopes. We have found some really good people these past weeks and now it’s time to really help them progress and make this change in their life. I want this transfer to be less about me with my fears and worries about Spanish or DL(district leader) or contacts, and more about the people. I do feel like I’ve reached a level of understanding with Spanish and confidence in the presentation of this gospel to where I can do that. I’ll keep you posted.

We found another mango tree, and in the process ended up talking to the guy next door. It turns out that he has met with missionaries more than half of a year ago and knows a bit about our message. He’s super nice and we think he’s friends with another family that we taught but then canceled with us, so there might be a potential connection there. We’ll see Saturday.

We’ve had a change in the mission presidency, which was a shock for everyone. Pres. Smartt’s wife was diagnosed with MS so they have decided to send them home to seek treatment. We now have Pres. Zwick presiding over the PRSJ(Puerto Rico San Juan) mission. Remember the conference talk about the wife jumping out of the semi truck? Him. We had stake conference yesterday and him and his wife were there and we got to shake their hands and introduce ourselves. He will be in charge until the end of June when they will call a new president. Kindof sad, kindof exciting. I had some good doctrinal questions ready for my next interview with President Smartt..we’ll see how Pres. Zwick does (;

We cut Lisett’s lawn again this week and kindof renewed our friendship there. It’s been more than 5 weeks since we’ve taught her or her neighbor Migdalia who contacted us.

Oh, I played piano for the Preisthood session of Stake conference, and didn’t even mess up that bad! Our Zone performed a musical number for the Sunday session, for which I also played. Keep your ears out in the next general conference for “the amazing group of missionaries in Ponce Puerto Rico”, if Elder Zwick or Elder Cornish talks.

Happy Mothers day!

Elder Jacob


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