Presidente Zwick (5/12)

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This week felt super tight for time do to the fact that we had a mission wide meeting on Thursday. But that’s okay because we had a mission wide meeting which was super cool. We had to be at our chapel at 6:45 AM in order to catch the bus they had arranged for us, so the zone leaders came and spent the night since they live like 45 minutes away. It was good, one of them slept in the lazy boy and the other on my exercise mat. We treated them real nice with some bagels in the morning and everything. (The cream cheese was a little bit moldy but I just scooped it off.) I got to see all of the guys in my group! The MTC seems soo far away. It was cool to talk to elder Villagran who was here like 1.5 transfers ago and see how much my Spanish has improved since then.

I really like President Zwick. The sisters, who have been with him a lot this past week, told us that he is the best thing that’s happened to this mission. As a member of the Seventy, his assignment is to train new mission presidents. One of the first things he said to us was “I want you to remember what your new mission president said today: “that this mission changed. In the past. It’s already happened.” His plan is to unify the members and the missionaries here. First, to gain their trust, and then their support. Which I agree, is very needed. We began meeting this week with a member and his friend who is interested in the church. The difference between that and teaching somebody who we meet on the street is HUGE. They already have a friend in the church, somebody to answer questions and give support and rides to church and everything. We set a baptism date for the 31 of May with her, but we’ll see. She has to quit smoking first.

But yes, I like President Zwick. He is a very dedicated, spiritual and humble man from what I’ve seen. He said that he is invested in this mission and every one of us for a long time, not just these 2 months. He told us that he wants to be the one to marry us to our spouse in the Temple. How nice is that?

It was super nice to see my family on Sunday! Happy late mother’s day again!  Although thinking about it, the time between Nov 20th and my call on Christmas almost seemed longer that Christmas to yesterday. Time truly does fly.

We met with Ramon Sunday night after we talked. He didn’t make it to church because of work, but the Zone leaders say that he can be baptized with only two Sundays, if we think he’s ready. He told us of a dream that he had a while ago where an Indian with white hair came to his and gave him a bag and a totem. He told us that the Indian said a word that he didn’t know, “Gethsemane.” Elder Portillo and I looked at each other and said, yeah, that’s a super important word, and explained the atonement of Jesus Christ. How weird/cool is that?

We also cut the lawn/jungle of Lisset again. (the lady who had the brain operation.) She’s so funny. She thinks that my name in Jacob and Elder Portillo’s name is Elder.

Bueno, hasta luego mis amigos,

Elder Jacob


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