German Cucurachas (5/19/2014)

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Ramon and his daughter
Ramon and his daughter

Counting up our numbers for the week, 4 of our 8 or so lessons were with Ramon, the man who has a baptismal date for the 31st. He came to church this Sunday and said that he really enjoyed it! He has told us that he has panic attacks in large groups of people, but he did very well. It was our Ward Conference so we even had a little lunch afterwards which was a good chance for him to get to know some people. We went to the bathroom and found him cornered by the Patriarch, listening to him talk about everything from the line of authority to life after death. It was all done out of good intentions, but I always worry that they’ll get the wrong impression, especially if it’s somebody shy who’s confronted with the patriarch. That guy can talk. We actually ended up visiting him that night with the patriarch and in a much more relaxed environment they were able to share crazy stories and establish a good friendship. I’ve really come to care a lot for Ramon. I’m looking forward to the happiness all of this will bring into his life. I’m looking forward to meeting with Ramon this next week and helping him progress towards his baptismal date. We’ve just got to watch out for the giant German cockroaches in his house, last night one of them tried to crawl into my lap.

Other than that, it was just another week in the life. These past three weeks our numbers have been about the same, 7-8 lessons total, 50-60 contacts, 3-5 new investigators, and 10-13 lessons canceled. We have interviews with president Zwick this Tuesday which I’m really looking forward to.

I played piano during our ward conference and did so bad, especially for the first song. But hey, that’s what they get for choosing super hard songs.

The 90+ year old father of our ward mission leader lives two houses to the left of ours and we almost always eat lunch there. This week I took out his car battery and installed the new one and he told me in broken English, “I wish you lived here, because you fix all of the problems.” I’ve only done a few little things like change the light bulb, fish a bottle cap out of his sink drain, and fix his shower door, but he’s convinced that I can fix anything now. Let’s hope he just doesn’t give me something super hard. Man, I love that guy.

Saludos de la isla de encanta!

-Elder Jacob


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