Six months and first baptism! (5/26/2014)

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I’ve come to hate holidays here. Holidays mean that everything is closed and we have to chase down the keys to the bishop’s office and end up with only a few minutes to write, but happy Memorial Day nonetheless!

Ramon's baptism day
Ramon’s baptism day

We had our interviews with President Zwick this Tuesday and he told us that we should move our baptism date for Ramon from the 31st, to this Saturday. President is really pushing the baptisms these two months. We keep getting calls from the zone leaders wanting to know who is going to be baptized this weekend and the next, etc. This mission is in a hole, and through this really crazy push, he’s trying to get the ball rolling. He also had a devotional with all of the members from our stake and talked about missionary work and our part in it. I listened to a talk be Elder Bednar the other day and he said that the missionaries are the full time teachers, and the members are the full time finders.

But yeah, the baptism! It was scheduled for 2, and we went at like 11:30 to fill up the font, only to find the water in the chapel a nasty coke color. It began running clear, so we left it, only to come back to a full font of that nasty water. You couldn’t even see the bottom. It was such a stressful day. We called the bishop from the other chapel and he began filling up the font so we called everyone to change the time and place, only to have a member come fix the water and change the location back to our building. We actually filled up the font impressively quick with the help of a garden hose through the window.
All in all, with seemingly everything against us, (our talks fell through and almost nobody came) Ramon was baptized only two hours later than planned and I performed the confirmation yesterday in sacrament meeting. Ramon is such a great guy! He tells us that he feels clean and renewed. He’s already talking with his family and neighbors about the church too. I honestly feel very lucky to be able to teach him.

hasta luego muchachos,

_Elder Jacob


Ramon and his daughter
Ramon and his daughter

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