The earth quakes and the sisters come (6/2/2014)

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So far we’ve seen a little baby bird that fell from his nest and a giant caterpillar being attacked by ants, these ants here are crazy. I hate them. We tried to save the baby bird, we flicked off all of the ants, put him in his nest and climbed up the tree and put him back, but I don’t know if he lived. Just from the few bites I’ve gotten from these ants, I can’t imagine how painful that would be. Ramon did tell me this week that a lady was once killed by ants in her sleep, but I’m not sure I want to believe that.

I experienced my second earthquake now in PR, in was a 5.8 this time. We were in an old man’s house, teaching him when it started. We all looked at each other like “whoa, what should we do?” but it passed pretty quickly. It just felt like the couch was a boat for a second.

We got two new sisters this week, out of nowhere! They are now staying with Sister Burgess and Casteneda making us 6 in this ward. They are Sisters Erickson and Dye, from Utah and Idaho respectively. Sister Erickson is going home in two more transfers and Sister Dye is still in her 12 week training. I think.

Seeing as we are trying now to work with members more than contacting, things are slower now than before, but maybe 6 missionaries is what this ward needs to get them moving and excited about sharing the gospel.

Mannn, the library closes in 5 minutos. mas detales mas tarde.


Elder Jacob



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