Ni Idea (6-23-14)

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P-day soccer
P-day soccer

We’re starting to see improvement this week, which is very nice. The last few weeks or so have been our hardest number wise. 

Ramon’s daughter (10) and I have become really great friends. Her name is Tylis and she reminds me a ton of Ella. She was super quiet in the beginning, but now she won’t stop talking. She tells me about her friends down the street, about Barbies, about Tinker Bell, about everything. Ramon has a little crappy keyboard so I’ve started teaching her piano. She’s just about learned all of “Mary had a little lamb,” she just needs to put part 1 and part 2 together. It’s so great to see her so proud of herself when she gets it right. From talking with Ramon, I guess she’s had a pretty rough life, with her family and living situation and everything. She’s not actually Ramon’s daughter, her dad lives next door, she just spends most of the time with Ramon. We’re going to try to finish teaching Ramon the post-baptism things this week and have a family night with them on Saturday. We’ll then hopefully start teaching Tylis. 

We also had a great first lesson last night with a guy we met a few weeks back. He seems very very prepared. He’s 30 something, a doctor, very smart, and very attentive when we teach. We’re going back Wednesday to have lunch and talk about the Book of Mormon and he might be playing soccer with us this afternoon. 

We’re going to have a “Noche de Rescate” with the ward this Tuesday. We’re going to give each couple a name of a less active member, then we will all go out, visit our people and return and report. The ward seems very willing to support this, we’ll see. 
I realized I need to take more pictures, stay tuned. 

_Elder Jacob

PS. Look what happened to those crazy caterpillars….

crazy caterpillar
crazy caterpillar



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