Slow week (8/18/14)

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He's always tired.
He’s always tired.

We found a couple of new investigators this week but all in all it was a pretty slow one. It was actually pretty hard for my companion. He has such a strong desire for baptisms, and it doesn’t make sense to him how we can be obedient and working hard and not be baptizing every week. That’s really the hardest part about missionary work, accepting the fact that so much doesn’t rely on you, but instead on the Lord and on those you teach.

Thank you for the package mom! those cookies were sooo good. We’ve also been playing cards the past few nights with our extra time. I’m going to have to be careful that it doesn’t become a distraction, but it is a nice break. 

I got a call yesterday that two of our most potential investigators were being kicked out of their house, and he was asking to know if we knew of an apartment that they could move into. I’m still not sure what will happen but we’ll see. They were living together but unwilling to marry, so this might just be a blessing in disguise. 

The two other elders had a mother and daughter baptised this week, and I got to do the interviews before the baptisms as District Leader. It was a really great experience, very uplifting to hear and feel such strong testimonies from the view of such a recent change in their lives. It gives me faith that there are people out there ready to accept these things. 

-Elder Jacob

Crossing a raging river.
Crossing a raging river.
I made chicken taquitos.
I made chicken taquitos.


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