Transfer (7/28/14)

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I’m finally leaving my one and only home in Puerto Rico, Ponce 4, and going all the way to.. Ponce 2!
People joke that i’ll never get out of Ponce, but I’m actually very happy with the change. I’ll be living with Elder Haycock from Cali and the Elder he is training, and I’m going to be training too! Kind of scary, but really exciting. We’re going to do good things in that ward. Elder Haycock and Aguilar have already been killing it with tons of baptisms.
So only the 4 sisters will be staying in Ponce 4, and Ponce 4 and 2 are now one district, with Elder Jacob as district leader.
This will be good, I’ll still be able to keep an eye on Ramon and Tailis, who was baptized and confirmed this weekend! (Pictures next week with the real computer)
I’m a little bit nervous about training in an unknown area, but the elders who are leaving actually have at least 3 investigators who we’ll be starting with, and Ramon actually gave me some names with some real potential that live in Ponce 2 area. Plus my sister’s already training in a new area, always such a good example for me :)


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