Labor Day (9-2-14)

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We couldn’t get to the library yesterday due to labor day.

Good week though. I went on an exchange with Elder Aguilar and we worked in their area. He’s just now finishing up his training, good missionary.

We also slept on the roof again! Due to all of the rain though, there have been a ton of mosquitoes

My Twin Elder Haycock
My Twin Elder Haycock

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA. Elder Haycock woke up with half of his face swollen from all of the bites. No one else got it that bad though.

We’ve been able to meet with all of the members this week to start off that BOM activity. did I explain that last week?

we found a part member family who we’re going to work with.

We also taught for the first time a really nice single lady with three kids. A little 2 year old girl and two teenage sons. One of her sons is crazzzy good at the piano and has only been learning for a few years. I’m really hoping we can help this family out.

We went shopping yesterday, individual this time, and Elder Colson spent like $150 out of $200…we’ll see how long this food lasts him. It might be a good learning opportunity.


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