Make a choice (9-15-14)

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We’ve had some pretty good lessons this week. A few less actives, a part member family, and an older couple that we found contacting. The lesson that we had last night though was one of the best I’ve had. It’s so nice when you can teach someone who actually listens to and understands what your saying, and the importance of it. We taught a family that has been inactive for close to 2 years as a result of some pretty poor treatment from the ward. They felt cheated, forgotten and unwelcome. I shared with them a couple of versus from 2NE chapter 2 where it talks about things that were made to act and others that were made to be acted apon. It says that literally nothing can act apon us, other that the penalty of the law, but that we always always have the ability to make a choice. The choice to be offended of not, angry or not, to return to church or not. That ability to choose will never be taken from us. Those scriptures really made him think, he understood exactly what they were trying to say and how they applied to his situation. The spirit was very strong as we bore testimony of the truth of this church and the things that are waiting for this man and his family. He said he’ll think about it this week. We’re going to visit them again this saturday to give them the extra push. We’ve also organized a Rescue Night for our ward that’s going to happen this Wed. We’re all going to get together and go out to visit less active members. If these guys recieve a visit from somebody Wed. night I think it’s going to be exactly what they need. It’s great how things just fall together perfectly like that sometimes.

Les quiero

Elder Jacob


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