Translados (9-8-14)

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The Apartment.  (The bishops wife thought we would enjoy some of her son's shirts that don't fit him anymore.)
The Apartment. (The bishops wife thought we would enjoy some of her son’s shirts that don’t fit him anymore.)
The District
The District

The only thing changing in our district is that E Haycock is headed for San Juan to be a Zone Leader. He’s going to kill it up there; he’s ready. We had an exchange this week, he and I.  I actually learned a lot. I re-read that talk that you sent me dad, about the testifying and challenging missionary. We’re not here to convince with doctrine and logic, we’re here to testify so that the spirit can bear truth. I am thoroughly convinced that any honest seeker can and will come to know of the truth of these things. You just have to search and ask.

A lot of fallen appointments this week. We only met with one or two of our investigators.

We’re doing an activity this month “September of Salvation” The challenge is that every member gives away a Book of Mormon. we’ve gone house to house, handing out flyers we printed up and having them sign a pledge in order to participate. We posted the pledges on a big poster in the church to get everyone excited. We’re going to have a big dinner at the end of the month to get together and share experiences and testimonies. I’m really looking forward to see what comes of this. The Book of Mormon is the keystone to our religion. And what we have here is so so important, how can we not share it?

There have been times in my mission where I’ve felt that I’m in the right place at the right time doing exactly what the Lord want’s me to be doing. After a fallen appointment this week we found ourselves in a neighborhood with an hour or so to kill before heading to another place. We decided to pray and ask the Lord to help us find the person in that area that needed us. We began walking, I felt to turn left and then call the first house on the corner. A man came out and told us that he was a priest in the Mormon Church and told us a very sad story. His family had abandoned him and went to the states, leaving him alone and depressed. He went to live with his mom and her husband but the depression was so bad that he tried to kill himself. His mom’s husband was the person who saved him, only to die a week later. He told us that God was trying to tell him something with that.

We’ve met with him two other times since then and have had some deep conversations about the power of the atonement of Jesus Christ, and of the covenant that he has made as a member of this church. We testify of power to ease his burden that I know is very real. He says that he’s sleeping with the Book of Mormon on his chest. I think he would have come to church, but he’s actually really sick at the moment, just one more thing to add to his load. I really hope that he can come back to full activity and find the help that he needs so badly.

-Elder Jacob


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