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Halloween wasn’t anything special here, we just had to be in the house at 6. I was talking a bit with Elder Echavarria about Dia de los muertos, it will be interesting to see how it was for Halley, it sounds really interesting. It’s so cool to have 4 different countries in the same house, something I might never again experience. Yes, my spanish is getting much better. It’s so weird, I go days at times without speaking any english. I really only speak english with Elder Morales who is super motivated to learn it and other Puerto Ricans we talk to who like the practice.

11-3-14 service project 11-3-14 service project2JPG

We had a stake wide service project this Saturday. We restored an old, dirty house. It was really good to see Elder Haycock again and be able to talk a bit.

We found a really great family this week, and for that I have to give a lot of credit to Elder Echavarria. He his amazing when it comes to interactions with people. We’ve only met with the family two times but they already love us, inviting us over for future dinners and whatnot. I am going to learn a lot from working with him. I’ll try to get a picture for next week, but they’re great. three kids at home, married for 20+ years, preparing to be baptized in a Christian Family Church. We’re going to play soccer with the daughter and son this afternoon.

-Elder Jacob


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