Olivo (11-10-14)

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Elder Hicken reunion, we're in the same zone now!
Elder Hicken reunion, we’re in the same zone now!

We had a zone conference and interviews this week, it was really great. President is really turning this mission around with all that he’s doing. We all left there with a bit more inspiration to work harder.

Dinner at the Olivo's
Dinner at the Olivo’s

The Olivo family invited us over this Saturday to a dinner they were hosting for their pastora’s birthday. It was a bit awkward at first but it turned out really great. We all had a good time. We got to talking with a few people there about what we do as missionaries and they began asking a lot of questions. We were able to explain and testify about Joseph Smith, the book of mormon, temples, ect. A lot of people just have messed up ideas about who we are and what we do as a church. every opportunity to explain who we are whether it leads to a baptism or not does a lot of good. The misunderstandings of God’s truths will only be cleared as we as members open our mouths. They invited us to a thanksgiving dinner in their church and we accepted the invitation gladly.

The Olivo family came to sacrament meeting! The meeting was perfect, centered on the family with two really good speakers. We’re going to try and meet with them tonight and present a baptism date.

Elder Echavarria and I are starting to sing hymns more in our lessons and contacts. It’s really helped us to invite the spirit into their homes.

-Elder Jacob


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