One Year (11-17-14)

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Read your Book of Mormon.
Read your Book of Mormon.

I hit my one year mark on Thursday! It’s gone by so fast and will only go by faster this second year. Technically I already have less than a year left. In order to leave on a transfer day I’m pretty sure my return date is 2 weeks or so early, I’m not sure about the exact date though.

Daddy Yankee
Daddy Yankee

This week went well, I was able to hold an exchange with Elder Hernandez and work in his area. I still haven’t sent a picture of my whole district have I? And here we are at week 5 of the transfer..I’ll get on that. During the exchange we met Daddy Yankee who is really big, especially in Latin America. They tell me I’m going to be famous in the mission now. Elder Herndanez’s companion was pretty bummed that it happened on the one day he wasn’t working in his area. bendito.

Thania, the 18 year old daughter and Oreste, 10, came to mutual with us on Tue and Thania came to church yesterday. We also found a family that the sister missionaries were working with a long time ago and helped them paint their garage. It’s not exactly my taste in color, but she said she loved it!

Elder Morales is from Guatemala. His mom was taught and baptized by an Elder from PR. That Elder was Elder Echarvarria’s Ward Mission Leader in San Sebastian. So when Elder Morales got to the mission he was able to talk on the phone with the missionary who baptized his mom. How cool that must have been for the both of them.

-Elder Jacob

PR is getting ready for Christmas.
PR is getting ready for Christmas.
 A bit too much detergent. A mission's all about learning.
A bit too much detergent. A mission’s all about learning.

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