Pontezuela (10-27-14)

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10-27-14 goose

I guess there’s kind of a rivalry between Ponce and San Juan. I didn’t know about it though until I got here to San Juan. Maybe they just made it up.

I really like what I’ve seen from this ward. The bishop, ward mission leader, everyone. I think if we work this area right we can really do some good. They had a sweet talent show activity on Friday and we missionaries sang a song that Elder Echavarria had written about a Dear John. Elder Echavarria is a really cool guy, born in Guadalajara! He has about 6 months more than me in the mission. The other two guys are Elder Hernandez from Honduras with about the same time as him, and Elder Morales from Guatemala, his greenie.

Talent show studs.
Talent show studs.
Ward talent show.
Ward talent show.

President says that he put me here to get things going in Pontezuela, and I understand why. The district needs a bit of work, but we’re working on it, poco a poco.

Elder Haycock (now my ZL!) told me that it’s an really good area that’s being worked underneath it’s potential. I really agree with that from what I’ve seen.

More pictures next week of the district and area, ect.

-Elder Jacob


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