Black belt (2-2-15)

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It has been a fast week.

We’ve been able to find some really great people and begin seeing some progress with some that we already had.
We set two dates this week one for the 22nd and one for the 1st of March. We haven’t been able to get with Rafael for the date for the 15th which is very frustrating…. but we’ll see.

Last Pday we had to go the the mission office for something so we had lunch with the zone leaders while we were waiting for the bus in their area. I told Elder Haycock to wear his least favorite tie and I would do the same and we would swap. I wore a tie that he traded me in Ponce (haha). It’s honestly my least favorite. I forgot to swap them after the mexican food though, and for some reason he didn’t remind me.

Did you know Elder Brinkerhoff is a black belt in martial arts? He’s agreed to teach me every morning from now on. We worked on grabs this morning. Spencer, I’m going to teach you some cool stuff when I get home.

We had a conference for the Caribbean area by satellite with Elder Holland and Elder Packer. It was good, they talked about the family, the church and the temples. Our bases. If we have those three priorities solid in our life, everything else kind of works out.


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