De Mexico A Puerto Rico (2-16-15)

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Last Monday we were in the office and President pulled me into his office to talk about he area and the district. In an earlier meeting I’d showed him my planner so he asked me about Halley and how she was doing. I told him that she was good and just commented on the work in Mexico and some things she’d mentioned in her letter. One of those was they way they do contacts, with pass along cards that have a question on the front like “Will I be with my loved ones after this life?” They present the card, ask the people if they’ve asked themselves that and then offer to answer the question in their house.  I just did it as a comment, but it got him thinking.. He had me check to see if we had those cards an sure enough they were there with the other materials! He had me do a test run with them that week and then I talked about it in zone conference on Thursday. He’s now implementing this way of contacting with every zone.

1-19-15 planner pictures of H & D

Sister Jacob is now famous in the PR San Juan mission!

We have news! In about three weeks we’re going to receive a visit from Elder Holland! We’re going to hold a mission wide mtg and he’ll talk with us for 2 hours and great each one of us personally. I’m excited to say the least. Don’t worry, I’ll take notes.

We taught a lady yesterday who left he 3 little kids in the DR to find work here. Shes been here for two weeks now and says that she wants to go home every day she misses them so badly. She said that the day we showed up she was thinking about her kids and was about to cry, and with the message we shared about the restoration of the gospel she felt peace. God does more than we think to make things happen the way they’re supposed to.

-Elder Jacob


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