Felicidades! (12-22-14)

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Thanks for the Christmas tie.
Thanks for the Christmas tie.

People here don’t say “Feliz Navidad” They say ” Felicidades.”

Looking forward to talking with the family this week! It’s going to be great.

We also have a dinner with President his Tuesday.

This email is going to be fast because we’re using a member’s computer, the University is closed..

The ward activity and Sunday were really good. A lot of family is visiting which helped us get one of our investigators and one less active to church. Now we’ve just got to get them to stay!

We haven’t heard from Rafael for the past few days and we’re not sure what’s going on, but we’re going to keep trying. We’ve been able to find a lot this week as well, which makes us super busy. The week has just flown by.

I’m enjoying being able to share the Christmas story with people from the Book of Mormon, help them understand that others knew and waited upon His birth.

Way to go with sharing the “He is the Gift” video, guys, that’s so great. It’s such a good video.

Love you all and Merry Christmas!


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