Feliz ano nuevo! (1-5-15)

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Happy New Year!

You know how in the states everyone sets off pretty fireworks and it looks super cool? Well, here it’s a bunch of cherry bombs and smoke, it sounds and looks like the city is under attack.

It’s cool to see everyone’s new year resolutions here to do better. We’re going to try and jump on that and work with members more and get them more involved.


We started off the new year well in Pontezuela with a baptism!! The first on in a while. It was a lady who the other two missionaries have been teaching for awhile now. She was finally able to come to church, really liked it and decided to get baptized! President and his wife were even able to come out to the baptism which was really good for everyone, the ward included.

Now we’ve just got to keep the ball rolling……..

I made a new years goal to read all of the OT(Old Testament), NT(New Testament) and D&C(Doctrine and Covenants) by the end of my mission. It’s about 6 pages a day. I’m also reading the BOM(Book of Mormon) in Spanish and memorizing more or less what is in each chapter. I’m on Alma 29 and I remember almost everything.. a lot of flash cards.

I’m going to send pictures next week with a faster computer. I have a lot!

Happy New year!


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