Good day in Pontezuela. (12-15-14)

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My area.
My area.

Yesterday was a really good day for Pontezuela. Total, our district had 8 investigators in Sacrament mtg and 9 LA coming back, 7 of the Investigators being from the other two elders.

We have a very likely baptism set for the 27th! His name is Rafael. We found him last week and have met with him three times since. He seems very prepared from what he’s shared with us about his life and from what he’s been doing. He’s been reading like crazy in the BOM and he came to church yesterday. He could only stay for half an hour for work but he came early and we were able to give him a tour and introduce him to people. We’re planning on visiting him with another guy his age on Thursday.

We were able to follow up on that contact in the mall, in fact she called us and then picked us up and took us to dinner. They’re really great. Niether of them are members but their son has been baptized and served a mission in Venezuela. She was telling us about his conversion and about his mission. It must have been very hard for her while he was gone. She said she somehow got to know a member that lived in his mission and then called her when her son was over at her house so she could talk to him. Her son tried to tell her that she should have known better, that she couldn’t call him like that, but she said she just needed to hear his voice. Thank you mom for supporting me in this decision to serve a two year mission. I know it’s hard, but I love you so much for it.

Me and Haycock
Me and Haycock

I had an exchange with Elder Haycock this week. It was good, interesting. I feel like we’re both a bit different now. Idk which one is changed more. I feel like I’ve changed a lot just in these past two transfers with the companions I’ve had.

Love you all, Feliz Navidad!

Zone leader's tie.

One of our Zone Leaders left his tie here when he came on an exchange. I really liked it. I’m going to print the picture out and give it to him for Christmas.

Opening a coconut.
Opening a coconut.

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