Mangoes (1-26-15)

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We had a good Sunday yesterday. A lot of less actives coming back, and a few investigators. The ward is noticing too, things are starting to get moving!

We were able to get back in contact with Rafael this week! (The investigator we found our first week together who progressed super fast.) We talked about where we were at and set the date for the 15th. He seems very willing. It was his Birthday yesterday so we called him and sang to him on speaker phone.

We’ve been trying to be more creative on how we get into or back into certain houses. This week we bought mangos and drew smiley faces and ascripture on them “feast apon the words of christ.” We were able to contact two of three we gave out the next day!
Any other creative door openers??

Echange with Elder Sepulveda.
Echange with Elder Sepulveda.

I had an exchange with E Sepulveda this week and it was very helpful. He’s a good teacher, he uses direct questions which I liked. It was nice to teach along side him. He also helped me notice some potential in this area that I wasn’t paying attention to, namely the nonmembers who have connection to members. That night we were able to get into a part member family’s house, talk with the non-member husband and commit him to investigate. Next Friday is our appointment. We have a couple other part member families that we’re going to try and focus on more.

No lizard stories this week, pretty tranquilo.

que tengan una buena semana!


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