Toa Baja (2-23-15)

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Puerto Rico!
Puerto Rico!

Transfers!! I’ve been called as zone leader in the Toa Baja zone and E Brinkerhoff will be with an elder from my group, E, Crawford.

This week I played as “Elder Lara” instead of elder Jacob and had E Brinkerhoff lead the area with a new comp in spanish. The first day was a little tough for him but we were able to talk about it and the next few days he did wonderfully. It’s kind of fun doing a full time role play. E Brinkerhoff was talking bad about me to Elder Lara behind my back though which wasn’t cool. He’s ready and I think E. Crawford will be a good companion for him.

I’m a little sad leaving, I’ve come to love this area and this ward. I remember when I got here I was so overwhelmed with the district and responsibilities, but we’ve come so far. There’s a new spirit in the house and in the District meetings and in the prayers. We’re setting real goals, working with the ward, and finding new people.

We’re reporting one reactivation this week. He was inactive for a few months due to sickness but we visited him with the WML (Ward Mission Leader) and he’s been coming back for 2 months straight now and fulfilling his old calling as Sunday school president.

I’m nervous to serve as Zone leader, but very excited. Wish me luck!

Elder Jacob


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