We do so little (2-9-15)

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I’ve had some special experiences this week.

We went to teach Jonathan and ended up teaching his friend, sister and brother for like 3 and half hours. They were just so interested and understood so well that we just went and went and ended up teaching all three lessons basically right there.

We were also able to talk with a man who has been inactive for some time due to health ( a constant ringing in his ears) and depression, and way to much work. He is such a good guy. It’s sad to see these great people distanced from the church, the most important thing in their life. He could do a lot of good for this ward too. We talked about his mission in Argentina, his work, his family (his wife and kids are Pentecostal) and other things. We’re going to go back this week and talk some more and give him a blessing of health.

We’re still working with that part member family. Sergio got sick this week so we were only able to talk with his wife and son who is 7. At the end of the lesson Jeremy, the son gave one of the sweetest prayers that I’ve heard in my mission. He prayed that someday his dad would read the Book of Mormon and know that it’s true and go to church. I almost cried.

I’m trying to focus more on searching and following the spirit. We do so little really in the grand scheme of things.

_Elder Jacob


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