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The week was good. We’re seeing some progress exspecially with a long time investigator of ours.
something that I really like about this ward is the american families taht are stationed here for the FBI. We get to go over to thier houses and eat sometimes and it’s really fun to talk with the kids. At the end of the lesson one of the little girls gave me a hug before her mom could tell her “just handshakes” and the other day one of the bishop’s little boys surprise kissed me on the cheek when I was crouched down talking to his brother. Those little eye toys are great for the kids too. I’ve almost given them all out.

We pressure washed and painted the basketball court and parking lot of the church this week as a ward. It lookes so much better! Every Tue we play basketball and it’s a perfect opportunity to bring people.

I went on an exchange with Elder McGary this week. It was great. He was able to give me some advice as my district leader and I was able to help him a bit as his zonle leader. No, he’s not going to BYU, but that’s ok.

_Elder Jacob


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