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This week we had three exchanges, so it went by super fast. Two with other District leaders and one witht the assistants. I worked with Elder rognon who was my ZL in Ponce. I really like him and I feel like I learned a lot. He’s going home next transfer though, everyone is going home, the mission is changing so much!

I really love this ward. For the 5th Sunday we had a combined last hour and us missionaries taught about the power and influence of the BOM and how we can share that with others. The bishop challenged the ward to read the whole BOM before next General Conference. I’ve really come to love that book out here. I shared how Mosiah 23 and 24 had really helped Joseph Donatiu, a less active who we met with in Pontezuela who was dealing with some really tough situations.

Elder Infante and had a meeting with President Bocher and the stake president this week and we talked about the wards. Levittown has a lot of potential. I really hope we can get things moving here. On Sunday Bishop help a ward council and we organized a ward mission plan!! The first in my mission so I’m super excited. Like Halley said, it feels like Christmas.

Also like Halley, I got super sunburned on Wednesday and I’m still peeling. The worst I’ve been burned in my mission! The guys in the appartment just laughed at me when they saw my red face.

Happy General Conference! Go to bed early the night before and take notes!


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