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We have a new missionary in the house. Elder Capillan from the DR. My companion was very excited to have a fellow Dominican with us. I think he was getting a bit tired of all of the english. Elder Capillan is passing through the adjusting stage, is legs hurt, he’s always tired and hungry but he doesn’t really like the american food. We cooked Cafe Rio Pork yesterday and he served himself a huge plate only to put it all back after one bite. I felt a little bit bad, poor guy. We also took Elder Clark to the office on Wednesday. He went home on Thursday. I met him in my first area and now he’s home. Crazy how time flies.

I’m helping the cub scouts that meet in our building with their knots. We learned the overhand, square knot, and double half hitch last time.

We met with a member this week who’s daughter was killed. The bishop, stake president and us were able to give her a PH blessing. She was very calm and controlled through the whole thing. What a blessing it is to know know not only where we are but where we’re going after.

-Elder Jacob


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