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They closed off the main street for some concerts Saturday night
They closed off the main street for some concerts Saturday night

We had out first zone conference this week which is just us, the sister leader trainers and the zone. It turned out really well. One of the sister leader trainers shared how the missionary that had baptized her had written her that week and told her to look at everyone with the same potential that he had always seen in her. To see her give testimony of the missionary work from her own life now as a full time missionary was really touching.

I went on an exchange with Elder Hicken this week (I still don’t have a picture with him do I?). He kept pointing out every airplane. We had two really good lessons with two families that we’re teaching. One of the families is going to come to the chapel this Friday to watch “meet the mormons” with us.

We found a really great lady this week. She was the last contact of the night on a really hard night last week when I was feeling kindof down. Halley had given me a goal of 20 a day so instead of just throwing in the towel we decided to meet the goal, and were able to teach her this week. Her husband died some years ago and she can’t even sleep well because she feels so alone. She wants us to come back this Friday so that she can cook for us.

This Sunday I gave my first surprise talk in the mission. They had a spot to fill so they asked me just before the meeting started. I talked about our personal ministries and the amount of lives that are in our reach to help and uplift. Carlos moved to a different area and he’ll be there for a month or so. He surprised us though when he popped his head into the gospel principles class. He told us last night that he wants to be baptized, and we talked about what he needs to do. It’s not going to be easy for him, but I really hope he can make it.

-Elder Jacob

Thinking of the family
Thinking of the family
 homemade weight bench
homemade weight bench
BIG dead bee
BIG dead bee

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