A good normal week (4/20/15)

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A good normal week.

We visited the daughter of our ward mission leader who is inactive this week. She is living with her boyfriend and they have a 1 year old son. At the end of the lesson before we closed her mom bore her testimony and started to cry. She knew that her daughter had a testimony of this church, and was aware of the blessings that she was missing out on. she told the boyfriend that she loved him too but she didn’t want him to deprive her daughter of an eternal family and that he should think about what he was doing. The spirit was very strong, it was a testimony that only a mother could give. The member that we came with felt the spirit as well and gave an emotional prayer at the end.

We’re also trying to gain the trust of a less active family that has a son on the mission. The mother was offended by somebody and holds negative feelings towards the church. She feels now that the church robbed her of her son. Because of that her 3 other kids aren’t going to church, one of which hasn’t been baptized.

The importance of the family and the influence of parents has become a lot clearer to me out here on the mission as I’ve tried to help people find these eternal blessings. We can have such an impact for the good or for the bad on the lives of those around us, especially our families.

_Elder Jacob


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