A good normal week (8-24-15)

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Another picture of the family!
Another picture of the family!
Some food we made
Some food we made

It was a good normal week.

We talked with President about the storm and he said it’s really not going to hit us that hard, just some rain. And it’s really just going to hit the south part of the island. I’ve never experienced  a hurricane here. The closest was when I was in Ponce with Elder Colson and we went out and got drenched and then bought pizza to recover.

I’m starting to feel like Levittown is my ward I’ve been here so long. I’ve really come to know and love the members here and I’ve seen some great changes. We were able to present a ward mission plan in the ward council yesterday and we’re going to publish it as a ward in the following weeks.

We’re starting to teach the sister in law of the member who’s mom got baptized! We met with her on Friday and she said that she read and prayed and felt like the BOM was true. She has a baptismal date for the 19th of September!

I’m really enjoying working with these new, young, humble district leaders. I feel like we can do a lot now.

We’re still on water rationing, it’s now two days off one day on. Hopefully this storm will bring some rain with it to fill up the reservoirs!

Elder Jacob


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