A good week (9-28-15)

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It was a good week. On Tuesday we were driving literally all day around the island moving missionaries. We started at 8:30am and got home at 9:30pm. I got to see part of the Mayaguez zone though which was cool. I’ve now been in all 5.

The bishop’s family invited us over for dinner again this week. They’re too nice. After dinner, the bishop and his boys preformed a couple scout skits that they’ve been working on, so we preformed one as well: The Invisible Bench. I hope you’re proud of me Spencer. They liked it.

We contacted a guy the other night and he let us into his garage to try live clams. He showed us how to open them, cut the nerves, take out the digestive system, put lemon juice and hot sauce on them and then like he said “enjoy!” They were good, I really liked them.

The ward had a baptism this weekend. An 8 year old boy. They did it at the beach and asked for two of us to be the witnesses and go out in knee deep water. We asked permission from President and Elder Chaves and Hicken did it. They rolled their pants up to their knees to not get wet, but ended up getting hit by a few waves and came out wet up to their waste. I was trying pretty hard not to laugh during the ordinance.

_Elder Jacob


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