Baptism (4/27/15)

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The elders in Arecibo had a baptism this week and a really nice guy paid for our pinchos. The baptism was full of obsticles. Saturday, the day of the interview, his fridge broke and it was too late to make the hour drive after he’s fixed it. We drove up Saturday, he passed the interview, but then the bishop felt like we were rushing things and wanted to wait. We talked with president and he gave us the go, so he called the bishop again and they talked it out.

While we were helping Elder Tanner and Hanna with the interview and baptism a lady called me from an unknown number. She said that she was a member and she wanted us to come by. She had seen Elder Peisley and I walking by her house the day before but didn’t want to yell at us to come back. That same evening we decided to go stop by her house and ended up running into her on the way there in the sidewalk. She explained that she had grown up in the church but fell away little by little as her family did the same. She moved to the states and began to search for something that would make her happy. She expirimented with Buddism, Zhen, meditation, ect. She has tattoos and piercings all over. When she came back to PR she came accross the Levittown chapel while out walking one day, passed by on Sunday but was too afraid to come in. She was amazed however when two days later, sister missionaries came to her house.

With the missionaries she began going back to church, and changing her life. She said that when she read the BOM again, she felt that peace that she had been looking for all of those years. She had always read books to learn something, she commented, but she had never read a book that made her feel something.
We were able to talk with her and her guy friend who she’s living with who isn’t a member. We had a great discussion on faith, hope and charity. She wants to come back and she wants to go to the temple. She couldn’t make it to church the next day because of asthma, but we’re going to visit her with a member that knows her this week.

It was just one of those moments where we were in the right place at the right time and we did the right thing.

-Elder Jacob


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