Berlyn (7-27-15)

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 The baptism of Berlyn
The baptism of Berlyn

The baptism of Berlyn went really well! We had a lot of support from the members as well which was great. We had to fill up the font on Thursday because we weren’t sure if they were going to cut the water friday and saturday. Luckily they didn’t because we needed the water to heat up the font. For about 40 minutes before the baptism we had 4 pots going on the stove that we kept boiling, dumping and refilling. The water was COLD when we got there because of the air conditioning, but after the pots it was a nice lukewarm. One of the families we’re teaching also came! the members did a great job of helping them feel welcome afterwards.

Yesterday we were invited to the stake high council with President Boucher to talk about the missionary work in Toa Baja. We were just really there for support, President was the one who spoke. It was interesting to participate though, I’m coming to see more and more that the church runs like a mission, just on a bigger scale.

-Elder Jacob


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