Birthday Burgers (10-19-15)

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I celebrated my birthday this week by eating hamburgers 4 days in a row. On Saturday we went out to a nice american grill place and all had burgers. we then baught a big tub of ice cream and a thing of cookies for dessert.  The elders say thank you Mom and Dad! And so do I, so much!

The bishop’s family had us over for a birthday lunch on Sunday as well and we had brownies and ice cream and they sang for me. And then our family, Rosita and Roselyn surprised me with a cake after the lesson we taught!! It was all in all really sweet. The little girls of the family gave me a little plastic pony as a gift and signed their names on it. I sure have come to love that family.

We had the zone activity this week and we went hiking! I have pictures but we’re doing email in the library that doesn’t allow USB.

Thank you for everything, see you soon!

-Elder Jacob


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