Crazy week (7-6-15)

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 Elder Hernandez and Echevarria from Pontezuela went home this week.
Elder Hernandez and Echevarria from Pontezuela went home this week.
 3 generations
3 generations

Kind of a crazy week this week. We had a lot to do, but at the same time I don’t feel like we got a lot done.

Tuesday was transfer day and I worked it out to stop by the training meeting as they were finishing in order to see Elder Colson. I can’t believe he has year in the mission already!! He seemed excited and ready.

We also had MLC this week and celebrated the 4th of July with a brunch of pancakes, sausages, bacon, and hash browns. It was good to see Elder McGary and Elder Tanner again. This mission is going to have a really good group of leaders pretty quick here.

I only saw one firework and I think it was set off illegally.

Carlos is doing well, he’s come to church 3 times now. We helped a lady in the ward move and he came with his truck to help and everything! It’s been difficult to get back with Angel because of his family. We can’t teach him without his parents present and I don’t think he wants us to meet them.

We played spot it with a family we’re teaching and it was a big hit. When we came back the next day all the three little girls were waiting for us there at the gate asking us if we brought the game.

Elder Hicken came over to me the other day with a calendar and said, “man, do you realize that we only have 4 months left?” I’m just trying not to think about that too much.

-Elder Jacob

7-6-15  moon


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