Easter (4/6/15)

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Easter was great. In the morning we his easter eggs in the yard of a less active family that has a son serving a mission. The eggs were numbered and each had the reference of a scripture and a small item, telling the story of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We also hid lollypops that probably got covered in ants before they could find them. It was the idea of Elder McGary’s sister, we just reused it.

After conference one of the American families had us over for a ham dinner. They have two 9 year old twin girls that are so crazy and so fun to talk to. He gave us the entrance fitness exam for the FBI, we’re going to do it this week and see if we make it in.

This week we had the leadership meeting in the mission house and got to hear from the leaders. We’re going to be reading the BOM together as a mission starting today, April 6th. We anticipate to finish in August. Elder Holland challenged us to be a BOM mission when he was here. It’s such a powerful book.

I really liked conference. A temple in Haiti! how great is that? The elders I met from Haiti in the MTC were so humble and so nice. They deserve it. I really liked Elder Eryings talk from the PH session, a lot.

Have you all seen and shared the new initiative? Because He Lives?



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